FreeSpirit Casting to Cast Future Certain

Full Brain Films is excited to announce that Lori Lewis from FreeSpirit Casting will be the casting director of our new web series, Future Certain. Lori brings extensive knowledge and experience to FBF and this SAG-AFTRA project. We’ll be providing more information regarding the casting schedule and hiring timeline very soon.

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Nicole Chaffin

Nicole Chaffin is Lauren in Exceptionals web seriesActor. Vocalist.

Multi-talented actress and singer Nicole Chaffin has experience from theatre to film, with a variety of roles including leads in American modern theatre, musical theatre, melodrama and Shakespeare. Her abilities include speaking with an American Southern accent and experience with the Spanish language. She also is an accomplished professional singer (belt) and even has proficiency in fencing. Her training includes a master class with Tony-nominated writer and lyricist, Bill Russell.

Nicole stars asĀ Lauren Canella in the web series, Exceptionals.

You can find her resume here.

You can follow Nicole’s performing career atĀ