Rochelle Muzquiz

Rochelle MuzquizActor. Writer. Musician.

Rochelle Muzquiz is a Portland-based actor, writer, and musician originally from Texas. She plays the character Marnie Vega in the web series Exceptionals and has also joyfully contributed behind the scenes, from co-writing episodes to crafting props, rigging lights, composing music, and scouting international locations. (Perhaps most notably, though, she is designated packer-of-the-van on FBF road trips, touting tremendous, Tetris-like talents.)

Born into a family full of musicians and later earning a degree in visual arts from the University of North Texas, Rochelle has a diverse artistic background. However, she has planted her feet most consistently and passionately in the performing arts. Aside from roles in film, web, and voiceover, Rochelle writes, sings and plays guitar and percussion in Portland bands The Yes-And Band, The Milford Academy, and Chica y los Gatos.

You can follow Rochelle’s performing career at