Actors Confirmed for Future Certain Reading

The following actors have been confirmed for the roles listed below for the Future Certain reading on July 19, 2013. Other names will be included as those roles are filled.

Role Reader
Brynne Vaness Mariessa Portelance
Lauren Canella Nicole Chaffin
A.D. Grant Marcella Laasch
Sandesh David Loftus
Radha Chethana Pandit
The Moroccan David Loftus
Narrator Jennifer Rogers
Mardav Misra Vetri Jayaprakasan
Tessa Alvarado Sara J. Pittock
Television Interviewer Sara J. Pittock
Radio Interviewer Dave Chaney
Psychic Monthly Caller Sara J. Pittock
Talk Show Host Dave Chaney
Indian Traveler Vetri Jayaprakasan
Fahad Mahmood  n/a
German Intelligence Agent  n/a
German Interrogator  n/a
Doctor Vetri Jayaprakasan
Agent Juarez Dave Chaney
CIA Interrogator Dave Chaney
Agent Haley Dave Chaney
Agent Jackson Dave Chaney
Dr. Jenkins Sara J. Pittock
Indian Man Vetri Jayaprakasan
Male Announcer Dave Chaney
Female Announcer Sara J. Pittock
Joe Dave Chaney
Hotel Clerk Dave Chaney
Bail Bonds Agent Dave Chaney
Billy Dave Chaney
Airline Attendant Sara J. Pittock
Hotel Clerk Dave Chaney
Travel Agent Sara J. Pittock

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