Exceptionals is an original series produced by Full Brain Films, LLC in Portland, Oregon. It was created by award-winning screenwriter and FBF member Greg Kerr and is produced by Full Brain Films’ members Nan Avant and Greg Kerr.

Levy Tran stars as Rachel LaTour

Levy Tran stars as the Olympian and covert operative Rachel LaTour. She is introduced in Episode 4 of the new, original series, Exceptionals.

The series follows the lives of a group of people who have unusual genetic traits that confer advantages on them that are much like super powers. The series is drama and includes high concept science fiction and thought-provoking dialogue and situations. The first four episodes are being produced and will be released after a marketing and promotion period soon.

The first four episodes (the pilot episodes) are self-funded by Full Brain Films, with a goal of production company or studio partnership to pitch to a network. Agents and managers who have experience with production company or studio pitches are welcome to contact us as well.

Exceptionals falls into the genres of narrative fiction, drama, science fiction, thriller and super-hero realism. The first four episodes (the complete Part 1: Future Certain) are being self-funded by Full Brain Films, with a goal of receiving investment to continue the series.

Future plot arcs move the series into a more science fiction and action-oriented direction, while still maintaining the drama and character relationship stories, thus the genre of super-hero realism: normal people who discover they have special abilities and their struggles to integrate these into their normal lives. The  abilities are often difficult to control or have very dire consequences for the characters. Strong women are the core of the principal characters in this series.

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Rules for the Exceptional Abilities

The abilities of the characters tend to be subtle, although given the proper conditions can be very powerful. The more powerful an ability, the bigger the downside of that ability.

For example, Brynne Vaness has the ability to see the future, which is actually a form of temporal telepathy and it can be directed to a certain extent, but it’s intermittent (she can only see pieces of the future), it can only occur when she’s asleep and she gets intense migraine headaches when she uses the power. She has a brain tumor that’s actually a telepathic and tachyon receptor that causes this ability. It will eventually kill her.

All the powers must be based on physics or biology although these can be extreme versions of those. They have to be explainable through either extreme physics or extreme biology, so you may need to do your homework on related topics. If you are considering something in the science fiction realm, focus on Star Trek science fiction, rather than Star Wars pulp science fiction.


This is a list of abilities that will not be in this series:

  • Any ability that violates the rules of physics, like personal flight, power bolts, or bio-morphing (changing into an animal, a brick wall or some such thing).
  • Any ability that violates the rules of biology, like being able to heal someone else’s physical wounds.
  • Any magic, divine or supernatural-based powers. All the powers should be rooted in science and genetics.


This is a list of abilities that will be in this series:

    • Mental abilities are the most common form of exceptional ability, particularly telepathy (see below).
    • High intelligence is another (see Tina Plantes and Erik von Trapp)
    • Physical abilities such as physical excellence (see Rachel LaTour), regeneration (although within reason — see Vivienne Hayley), electrical conductivity (see Jintana Visalyaputra), and faster than normal reflexes (see Behrohk Jarrah)
    • Things in the new-age, pseudo-science realm might work if they can be explained scientifically.
    • Confusion between exceptional abilities that are mental or physical, but that may appear to be magical or divine will create interesting stories.



All telepaths either have proximal (short-range) or distal (long-range) telepathy, not both. Proximal is alpha, beta, or gamma wave-based. Distal is delta wave-based and only occurs during sleep.

Telepathic activity is generated from specific areas of the brain and will affect specific areas of the target person’s brain:

  • Brocal is related to current thoughts
  • Limbic is related to both emotions and memory
  • Frontal is related to emotions and thought and probably short-term memory
  • Occipital is related to sight and hallucinations
  • Temporal is related to smells, sounds and complex stimuli like place or face recognition

Levels of Telepathic Power

Not telepathic – most of the population on Earth. However, if they are exposed to enough telepathic activity they may be able to sense when it’s occurring to them.

Pre-telepathic – these are people who are sensitive to telepathic activity and may be able to sense it is happening around them or to them, but are unaware what it is. They may have more immunity to telepathic ability used on them. These are also people who tend to suffer from migraine headaches and may have some genetic telepathic trait that can be passed to their descendants. Lauren and Jeremy are examples.

Latent or low level telepathy – these are people who are sensitive to telepathic activity, but may be unaware that they have it or exactly what it is. They are likely to experience rare or intermittent flashes of telepathic experiences, though they are usually unable to control this ability. There may be a genetic link and other family members may be telepathic as well. Dr. Morris believes there are about 250 people on Earth who fall into this category. Radha and Lex are examples.

Medium level telepathy – these are people who know they have telepathy of some sort or another, and they are able to use the ability to varying degrees of proficiency. Dr. Morris believes there are less than 30 people on Earth in this category. Brynne, Ashley, Derek and Abe are examples.

High level telepathy – these are people who know what their abilities are and are highly proficient at using their abilities. Dr. Morris believes there are less than 10 people on Earth in this category. Dr. Speerel, Gauthier and Maruyama Kura are examples.

Specific Types of Telepathy

These are the types of telepathy that are possessed by current characters in Exceptionals:

  • Mind reading (proximal telepathy) – the ability to read the thoughts of others, but not transmit thoughts (although two people with this ability can communicate telepathically). It affects the Brocal region. The inability to filter out the thoughts of others is the key downside of this power. (see Villains – Dr. Jean Speerel)
  • Clairvoyance (distal telepathy) – the ability to see through the eyes of someone else at a very great distance and to be aware of what they see, what they say and what they do. This ability occurs during sleep and is associated with migraine headaches due to abnormalities in the brain of the telepath. (see Recurring – Derek Wainwright)
  • Precognitive and retrocognitive telepathy (distal telepathy) – the ability to see through the eyes of others or even yourself in other times, i.e., the past or the future. This is very much like clairvoyance (see above), but it is intermittent. It also deals with the concept in science and science fiction of tachyon particles as the mode of transmission. In this series, precognitive telepathy does not violate the principle of causality because the visions always come to pass and cannot be changed. As with most other forms of distal telepathy, this ability occurs during sleep. (see Heroes – Brynne Vaness)
  • Insinuative telepathy – the ability to implant images, ideas or suggestions into another person’s mind – proximal, affects frontal and temporal regions (see Villains – Maruyama Kura) or occipital region (see Recurring – Gauthier Renne)
  • Insinuative empathy – the ability to affect others with the empath’s current emotional state – proximal, affects frontal and limbic regions (see Recurring – Jim Martin, Ashley Fuller)
  • Suppressive telepathy – the ability to cancel out other forms of telepathy. The suppressive telepath generates brainwaves that create a destructive interference to the brainwaves generated by most other telepaths, thereby cancelling out their power. (see Heroes – Abe Rotimi)
  • Augmentative telepathy – the ability to enhance the telepathic ability of others. This is the opposite of suppressive telepathy — the augmentative telepath generates brainwaves that create constructive interference to the brainwaves generated by other telepaths, thereby amplifying their telepathy. (see Heroes – Marnie Vega)
  • Telesthesia – the ability to sense individuals or objects at a distance. This is also known as remote viewing or remote sensing. This manifests in the ability of the telepath to sense people or objects at a distance and occurs during sleep. The most prominent example is with the Lex character and her ability to sense other mental Exceptionals at great distances. In other words, she can locate Exceptionals. (see Recurring – Lex)

Other types of telepathy will be created as the series moves forward, including types of telepathy that require more than one person to activate and control.


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Final Radha Shoot for Episode 1

On April 29, we completed another shoot for our original series, Exceptionals. We completed the final shoot involving the Radha character (played by Kristina Haddad) in Portland, Oregon at Free Geek.

Here are some behind the scenes images of that shoot thanks to Brit McLean.

Greg Kerr directs and operates the camera. Rochelle Muzquiz did the production design and was assistant camera. Walter Sebaste assists with sound recording. Brit McLean read the script to support Kristina.



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Exceptionals – Promotional Image

This is the first promotional image for the Exceptionals original series.

Exceptionals promotional image

Exceptionals – first promotional image for the new web series

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Rochelle Muzquiz

Rochelle MuzquizActor. Writer. Musician.

Rochelle Muzquiz is a Portland-based actor, writer, and musician originally from Texas. She plays the character Marnie Vega in the web series Exceptionals and has also joyfully contributed behind the scenes, from co-writing episodes to crafting props, rigging lights, composing music, and scouting international locations. (Perhaps most notably, though, she is designated packer-of-the-van on FBF road trips, touting tremendous, Tetris-like talents.)

Born into a family full of musicians and later earning a degree in visual arts from the University of North Texas, Rochelle has a diverse artistic background. However, she has planted her feet most consistently and passionately in the performing arts. Aside from roles in film, web, and voiceover, Rochelle writes, sings and plays guitar and percussion in Portland bands The Yes-And Band, The Milford Academy, and Chica y los Gatos.

You can follow Rochelle’s performing career at www.facebook.com/rochellemuzquizentertainment.

Voice-Over Roles – Exceptionals Web Series

Voice-Over Actors are needed for roles in our Exceptionals web series. Listed below are the roles and the scripts you will be reading if you are chosen:

Hospital Representative (Female or Male)

Hello – Red Fox Vintage.

(says it somewhat quickly)
Can I speak with the emergency contact for Angela Foster?

Yes, this is Brynne.

Brynne, I’m calling from Legacy Emanuel Medical Center. There’s been a serious accident this morning. Ms. Foster was struck by a car. I’m very sorry to inform you that she passed away [as a result of the injuries she sustained]. Would you be able to come to the center to answer some questions for us?


Female Television Anchor


An eight year old girl is safe at home tonight with her parents after a day at the beach that almost turned to tragedy had it not been for the timely intervention of a heroic passerby.

Near Cannon Beach earlier today, Jessica Lamont became separated from her parents as her family was playing on the beach. The girl was climbing along a rocky ledge overlooking the ocean when she lost her footing and fell into the turbulent water. As she grasped for the rocks and cried out, Brynne Vaness, who happened to be nearby, heard Jessica’s cries. As luck would have it, Vaness also happened to be carrying a rope with her and was able to reach the struggling girl within seconds. Vaness tossed the end of the rope to the girl and pulled her to the shore.

It was her quick and selfless response that saved the girl’s life [pause] and returned Jessica to her relieved and grateful parents.

Up next, be prepared for zombies … on bikes! It‘s the annual zombie bike ride through downtown Portland.


Female Sports Commentator


It‘s her second gold medal in these Olympic games and she joins an elite group of medalists who have won gold in two different
disciplines, having just locked up gold in the women‘s flyweight Taekwondo event last week.


Audience Needed for Live Performance – Saturday, Nov. 15, 11am

Please join us for a free performance and the opportunity to be in our web series, Exceptionals, the chance to win some gift certificates to area restaurants, and an all-around unique experience!

  • What: Performance of Nicole Chaffin singing the song “Do What You Must from our web series, Exceptionals
  • Where: Dante’s Club, 2nd and Burnside, Downtown Portland (must be 21 or older to go in)
  • When: Saturday, November 15, 11am to about Noon
Nicole Chaffin sings Do What You Must

Nicole Chaffin recording “Do What You Must” for Exceptionals web series.

Here’s a link to the song Nicole will be singing:
Do What You Must: https://soundcloud.com/nanavant/sets/do-what-you-must

We’re going to be filming this performance to appear in Episode 3 of Exceptionals and we need an audience. Audience members will be filmed and you will also get your name in the credits of the episode!

Since we are filming this, please avoid wearing clothing with large and obvious logos, and also avoid stripes since that can cause funky distortions on film.

No need to confirm your attendance — bring your friends and just come on in!

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Future Certain – Raw Screen Grabs

These are the uncorrected, raw screen grabs from the web series Future Certain.

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Shane Latimer

Shane Latimer, member of Full Brain FilmsAssistant Director. Business and Safety Consultant.

Shane was an assistant director for the multiple award-winning independent feature Unremembered (2009) and several other productions led by Greg Kerr, who he has known for more than 30 years.

Shane’s main role at Full Brain is to balance Greg’s creativity with a healthy dose of realism, safety, and logistical considerations. Shane’s experience as a professional ecologist, environmental toxicologist, and work and play in a number of fields that include health and safety serve cast and crew well both on set and off. Wrangling, catering, resuscitation – Shane does what needs done to keep things moving smoothly.

A native of Southern Oregon, Shane has been a Portland “East-sider” since 1996. Shane has a PhD in Ecology and a Post-Doc in environmental toxicology from Tulane University, New Orleans. His bachelor’s degree in biology is from Southern Oregon University, though anthropology and art have played a large role in his education in and out of all that school.

When not making movies with Greg, Shane owns his own environmental consulting firm, Latimer Environmental LLC, specializing in wetland and riparian restoration, environmental permitting, and solid waste permitting (yes, he knows that’s the sexy one…).

Shane’s web address is www.latimer-environmental.com

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FreeSpirit Casting to Cast Future Certain

Full Brain Films is excited to announce that Lori Lewis from FreeSpirit Casting will be the casting director of our new web series, Future Certain. Lori brings extensive knowledge and experience to FBF and this SAG-AFTRA project. We’ll be providing more information regarding the casting schedule and hiring timeline very soon.

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