Carinne’s Story

An original screenplay written by Greg Kerr.

Current Status

Awaiting Development


Feature (approx. 80 to 90 minutes)




Dark Romanticism

Tagline (if indie produced)

Two characters, one story. Two people, one film.

Tagline (short)

In the story of their relationship, love and death embrace.

Tagline (alternate)

He hides in the beginning. She races toward the ending. In their story, nothing is ever as it seems.

Tagline (Poe referenced)

A darkly romantic tale inspired by the poetry of Edgar Allan Poe.

Synopsis (short)

Inspired by the poems of Edgar Allan Poe, Carinne’s Story is a dark romantic story within a story.

As writing instructor David Parker becomes captivated by Carinne, his most gifted student, they become each other’s muses, and enter into a relationship that unfolds like their dark writing. But true to their stories, it’s a relationship that cannot last.

Synopsis (prose and poetry)

David is a writing professor with a tragic life narrative. Stuck in a lonely existence, with no faith for a happy ending, his days are endless reruns. Until Carinne, that is–a woman fascinated with history and an even greater obsession with endings. As romance develops between them, their stories intertwine and their plots thicken. Will love be strong enough to overcome the tides of fate that seem chosen for them? Or are their destinies completely out of their hands?


Adult situations



She is a woman, 25 to 35, and a writing student who has become attracted to her writing instructor, David. She is a gifted writer who tends toward dark material drawn from her past — she’s an orphan who was in and out of foster homes as a child until she finally ran away.

She suffers from bi-polar disorder and has medication. She knows that the medication dulls her senses and adversely affects her ability to write, so she stops taking it.


He is a man in his 40s who is a popular writing instructor at a local community college. Outside of his professional world, he is very much living a solitary life. He suffers with depression and attention deficit disorder which leave him isolated from others and without the ability to complete his own stories. He has difficulty being in crowds: ironic for a person who’s profession is teaching.

He’s also very lonely and when Carinne comes into his life, he is swept away by her vibrant personality and brilliant prose.


She is a woman in her 40s and a colleague in David’s writing department. She likes David very much, but finds him difficult to get to know. She is also very competitve with David in their professional relationship. She’s the level-headed friend with whom David shares his problems.

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