Michael Kerr

mike-facebookWriter. Researcher.

Award-winning Portland, Oregon writer Michael Kerr has written stories and articles for dozens of publications including Portland Business Journal, SF Gate and the popular Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader series of trivia books, among many other magazines, websites and anthologies.

He’s currently working on his first book.

Nicole Chaffin

Nicole Chaffin is Lauren in Exceptionals web seriesActor. Vocalist.

Multi-talented actress and singer Nicole Chaffin has experience from theatre to film, with a variety of roles including leads in American modern theatre, musical theatre, melodrama and Shakespeare. Her abilities include speaking with an American Southern accent and experience with the Spanish language. She also is an accomplished professional singer (belt) and even has proficiency in fencing. Her training includes a master class with Tony-nominated writer and lyricist, Bill Russell.

Nicole stars as Lauren Canella in the web series, Exceptionals.

You can find her resume here.

You can follow Nicole’s performing career at www.facebook.com/nicolechaffinentertainment


Greg Kerr

 Writer. Director. Business Manager.

Award-winning writer, director and producer of the multiple award-winning independent feature Unremembered (2009), Greg Kerr has been writing and directing films since he was 11 years old, having premiered his first 3-minute film extravaganza (from an 8mm reel) in his living room.

And he’s not just creative. Greg also brings business management, budgeting and marketing skills to the Full Brain team.

A native Oregonian, Greg has lived in Portland since 2000. He has a Master’s degree in writing and marketing from Portland State University and a Bachelor’s degree in history with an emphasis in ancient civilizations from Northern Arizona University. By day (and evenings … and weekends), Greg teaches Web design and content writing classes at Portland Community College, reserving the summers for filmmaking.

Greg meets Greg in the hallway.

Greg is very productive. There is some speculation that there are two of him.

Greg’s Web address is www.gregkerr.net.

Shane Latimer

Shane Latimer, member of Full Brain FilmsAssistant Director. Business and Safety Consultant.

Shane was an assistant director for the multiple award-winning independent feature Unremembered (2009) and several other productions led by Greg Kerr, who he has known for more than 30 years.

Shane’s main role at Full Brain is to balance Greg’s creativity with a healthy dose of realism, safety, and logistical considerations. Shane’s experience as a professional ecologist, environmental toxicologist, and work and play in a number of fields that include health and safety serve cast and crew well both on set and off. Wrangling, catering, resuscitation – Shane does what needs done to keep things moving smoothly.

A native of Southern Oregon, Shane has been a Portland “East-sider” since 1996. Shane has a PhD in Ecology and a Post-Doc in environmental toxicology from Tulane University, New Orleans. His bachelor’s degree in biology is from Southern Oregon University, though anthropology and art have played a large role in his education in and out of all that school.

When not making movies with Greg, Shane owns his own environmental consulting firm, Latimer Environmental LLC, specializing in wetland and riparian restoration, environmental permitting, and solid waste permitting (yes, he knows that’s the sexy one…).

Shane’s web address is www.latimer-environmental.com

David Chaney

David Chaney reading a scriptProject Consultant. Planner.

David Chaney leads a double life. He loves his job as co-owner of Accent Business Services, Inc. He also loves filmmaking and he has been working on film projects for many years.

His love of film has placed him in the role of Jack-of-All-Trades on the film and video projects he’s supported and he’s had jobs as varied as pre-production planner, location scout, sound recorder, script reader, actor, and even singer (though he may be mortified if those scenes ever became known to the general public!). His wise counsel and planning expertise ensures that all FBF projects get an exceptional head start.

His company can be found at www.accent-inc.com

Nan Avant

Nan Avant, Full Brain Films Member and Producer of Future CertainMusic Director and Composer.

Award winning composer, Nan Avant has collaborated with directors, game designers, documentary filmmakers, and animators from New York, San Francisco, New Zealand, Atlanta, Seattle and Portland, Ore. Her compositions have thematic and rhythmic intentions and encompass her passion for classical composers, world music, and electronic contemporary sound design. Nan’s latest concert work premiered in the Celebrate World Music! concert in Seattle, on March 24, 2013. This concert was performed by the NW Sinfonia directed by 2011 Grammy Award Winner for Best Engineered Classical Album and Seattle Symphony member, David Sabee. Tributum by Nan Avant , was composed for Celtic Bagpipes and Chamber Orchestra and is available on the Celebrate World Music! Cd  at Amazon.

Nan’s film scores have won several awards including Gold Medal Awards from the Park City Film Music Festival 2011 for Three Actresses Walk Into A Bathroom directed by Jade Justad and Silver Medal for Excellence for the feature film, Unremembered directed by Greg Kerr in 2010. Her films have screened at festivals throughout the world including Greece, Ireland, New York’s Tribeca and various festivals in the United States. Her music has also played on network cable television and local PBS stations in the Pacific Northwest.

A graduate of California Institute of the Arts with a BFA in Piano Performance, Nan has also studied film scoring at the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program under the direction of two time Emmy winner, Hummie Mann. Nan contributes articles to online magazines, Scorecast online based in Los Angeles and No Strings Attached E News based in Chicago and has keeps a blog, Nan Avant’s Blog where she writes articles and news updates on film, music and travel. Nan and her husband Walt, live in Seattle.

For more information on the composer visit: www.nanvant.com

Karla Mason

Karla Mason, Full Brain Films memberWriter. Producer. Actress.

Professional writer, producer, and critically acclaimed actress Karla Mason has enjoyed a varied professional career that has taken her from stage to film, from the West Coast to East Coast and back again over the past twenty years.

As an actress, her film and TV credits include Grimm, Leverage, As the World Turns, America’s Most Wanted, PBS’s American Masters, and the independent feature films Unremembered, Lie Detector, and Tornado States—along with countless commercials and industrials.

Her prolific stage credits include leading roles at such regional theatres as Charlotte Repertory Theatre, NC; Hippodrome State Theatre, FL; Virginia Stage Co.; New Jersey Shakespeare Festival; Spokane Interplayers, WA; and Profile Theatre, Portland, OR.. New York credits include leading appearances at the Mint Theatre, Grove Street Playhouse, and One Dream.

Karla has had the pleasure of working with some outstanding names in the industry. She has acted under the direction of acclaimed actor Dylan Baker and Tony Award-winning directors Bart Sher and John Rando. She has toured nationally, and taught and directed under the auspices of the California Theatre Centre.

Karla’s Web address is www.karlamason.com.


Wendy Peyton

Wendy Peyton, Full Brain Films memberAssistant Director. Production Manager.

Illinois native Wendy Peyton knows how to crack the whip. She’s likely to do it while cracking a few jokes, but rest assured the job will get done with finesse. Packing an enterprising attitude and tenacious attention to detail, Wendy consistently hits her mark.

Growing up in a town surrounded by fields of genetically modified corn and soybeans, Wendy dreamt of photographing exotic people doing foreign things in faraway places. Now grown, she keeps that dream alive while her perspective has evolved over the years.

Wanderlust drove her to Portland in 1993 where she found a deep-rooted music scene. Several guitar players and cameras later, Wendy had developed a keen eye for concert photography. She’s worked with a list of national performers including Beck, The Black Keys, Bo Diddley, Eels, and M. Ward.

Her dream of exotic people, foreign things, and faraway places now manifests itself in film production. A devoted photographer, cinephile and accomplished project manager, Wendy now brings her arsenal of talents to Full Brain Films as assistant director and production manager.

Wendy’s Web address is www.wendypeyton.com.

Kevin Forrest

Kevin Forrest, Full Brain Films ContributorDirector of Photography and Cinematographer.

Kevin Forrest was born in New Orleans and then moved to Scotland when he was 10, where he first learned to edit using two VCRs and a makeshift sound board. Kevin moved to Portland where he received his certificate in Video Production and Multimedia.

Kevin is a freelance videographer, independent filmmaker and assists with the Video Production classes at Portland Community College. Kevin has shot several music videos, the Discovery Channel and has had his short experimental film “Endommage” in several film festivals.

Kevin’s editing system has been upgraded from two VCR’s and a makeshift sound board to Final Cut Pro on a MacBook.

His Web address is www.kevinforrest.org.

Rochelle Muzquiz

Rochelle MuzquizActor. Writer. Musician.

Rochelle Muzquiz is a Portland-based actor, writer, and musician originally from Texas. She plays the character Marnie Vega in the web series Exceptionals and has also joyfully contributed behind the scenes, from co-writing episodes to crafting props, rigging lights, composing music, and scouting international locations. (Perhaps most notably, though, she is designated packer-of-the-van on FBF road trips, touting tremendous, Tetris-like talents.)

Born into a family full of musicians and later earning a degree in visual arts from the University of North Texas, Rochelle has a diverse artistic background. However, she has planted her feet most consistently and passionately in the performing arts. Aside from roles in film, web, and voiceover, Rochelle writes, sings and plays guitar and percussion in Portland bands The Yes-And Band, The Milford Academy, and Chica y los Gatos.

You can follow Rochelle’s performing career at www.facebook.com/rochellemuzquizentertainment.

Thao Pham

Thao Pham, photographer, Web designer, and graphic designerGraphic Designer. Photographer. Web Designer.

Originally from Vietnam, Thao has been in Portland for the past two years obtaining a degree in Web and Graphic Design.

She has created many projects for the Web and full websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and other related Web and graphic design technologies.

Her Web address is www.minithao.com.