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Full Brain Films produces thought provoking indie films in Portland, Oregon and beyond. We employ actors, crew, designers, artists  and more. We also like to hear from distributors and fans!

At this time, we are only accepting messages of interest for positions in the following areas:

  • Writers — we are accepting writing submissions for those interested in being part of our series writing team — please let us know if you would like more information!
  • Actors — paid positions — we have no roles open currently, however we hold your information on file for one year after receiving it – these are for both union and non-union actors and pay rates follow SAG-AFTRA indie/new media rates in Portland
  • Background Performers (Extras) — paid and volunteer – no roles open currently.
  • Crew — these are temporary paid positions, and we typically need people with a generalist background since we usually operate with small crews
  • Graphic Artists — paid position for those who specialize in graphic novel style art or comic book oriented art – please send a sample of your work!
  • Interns and students — these would be volunteer crew positions for short periods of time (no more than one week at a time) and you may be able to receive credit for this work if your college or school allows
  • Producers and Directors — although we are not currently seeking Producers and Directors, we foresee a need for these roles in the upcoming future and we would like to hear from you and we’ll keep your information in our records

We are not seeking musicians/composers — all creative work in this realm is performed by the current members of Full Brain Films.

Please contact us to tell us what role you can play with FBF.

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