Among the other important and unique aspects of this project are:

  • The target audiences are women and men in their 20s and 30s, particularly those who enjoy super-hero stories, relationship stories, realistic dramas, science fiction, and some action elements.
  • This script passes and exceeds all Bechdel test requirements.


Original series, SAG-AFTRA New Media


Self-funded by FBF: $185,000.

Genres (general to specific)

Narrative Fiction, Drama, Thriller, Super-hero Realism


Currently in Post-Production (Episodes 1 through 4)


Exceptionals pilot episodes contains adult situations and adult language.

Synopsis (short)

Episode 1: Future Certain

Brynne Vaness can see the future, or so she says. And those that believe and those that do not believe will go to any lengths to prove it. What begins as a spiritual quest to understand her ability, quickly turns into a struggle for her life, pitting Brynne against organized criminals, terrorists and even Homeland Security.

As she learns more about her visions, both their power and limits become increasingly apparent, and Brynne finds that her own future – her own survival – is anything but certain.

Characters in Exceptionals, Episode 1: Future Certain


Brynne Harris

A woman of small stature, youthful looking, could be mistaken for being much younger, until she speaks. She is a kind and generous person, not prone to anger or impatience. She is also curious and open to new possibilities. She isn’t quick to believe in the supernatural, which may explain why her power has only manifested recently and why she hasn’t attempted to find the limits of this power. This is a primary character in the series and the point-of-view in the first four episodes is on her.


Lauren Canella

A very devoted and deeply loving friend to Brynne and views Brynne as a sister. They have the same circle of friends. Although not explicitly mentioned in the script, implied about Lauren is that she does not live with Brynne, although she does live with other people, presumably her own family. She believes Brynne. This is a recurring character in the series.

Assistant Director (A.D.) Cathy Grant

All work and no play. A very serious woman who takes her job seriously and believes it is her role to stamp out any perceived threat to the U.S. Far from being “evil” she is a key antagonist to Brynne due in large part to her single (narrow) mindedness. She simply does not believe that Brynne can see the future and believes other motives are at play. Her first name, Cathy, is never referenced in this script, nor does anyone she knows call her that. She would be a Myers-Briggs ISTJ. This is a recurring character in the series.


He is having his own spiritual awakening late in life. Everything he tells Brynne when they meet is true – he never lies to Brynne. He is from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. He believes Brynne.

Radha (Misra) Mahmood

She works more directly with the Mahmood Family and the thugs, killers and terrorists they employ. It is likely and implied in the script that she is mentally ill and some of this may be due to the abuse suffered at the hands of her former husband, Kabir, who she eventually stabbed to death. She is a primary antagonist in the script. She believes Brynne.


An aging hippie and Libertarian, the easy-going Billy is a man living outside the larger culture and legal system. He makes his livelihood from producing false documents and the occasional grift. He has a free-spirited world-view and he is a guy who knows how to avoid trouble and the law. This is a recurring character in the series.

Mardav Misra (Marty Alvarado)

Radha’s half-brother and the black sheep of this family, simply because he wants nothing to do with their criminal organization. He likely has had a hand in helping them, but after he met Tessa in Philadelphia, the two of them kept moving around the country to stay out of the reach of his family.

Tessa Alvarado

Marty’s wife and probably grew up somewhere outside the United States in a Spanish speaking country. She is devoted to Marty and their son Jared as much as Marty is in return.

Dr. Jean Speerel

A scientist and consultant to the N.S.A. She is extraordinarily insightful  and in a rare position of power for a scientist.

Mahmood Family and Associates

Fahad Mahmood – Radha’s brother-in-law killed in Germany

Kabir Mahmood – Radha’s deceased husband

Tauseef Jalali – Pakistani terrorist in DC. Worked with Kabir Mahmood.



For the purposes of the reading, the Narrator is a critical role. The dialogue does not tell the complete story, so it’s vital to have the Narrator read the action lines and sluglines. Timing and a careful reading of this part is important.

Background and Minor Roles

There are a few other minor speaking roles and a few roles for background performers. These roles are for people of all different ages, genders, ethnicities, shapes and sizes.

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