Final Reading of Future Certain

We are looking for volunteers, some to read and some to listen, to an informal reading of the latest version of the screenplay, Future Certain, prior to this Web series moving to pre-production and casting.

Seating is limited, so please reserve a space.

Please use the contact form when submitting your interest in a role or to be a guest. The subject would be: Future Certain Table Reading

Table Reading Info

What: This is a table reading of a new and original screenplay, Future Certain. The roles available are listed below.

When: Tuesday, August 6 at 7:30pm to 10:00pm

Where: 12375 Mt Jefferson Terrace, Lake Oswego. About 5 minutes from Portland Community College Sylvania Campus. (A map is on the Contact page.)


Brynne Vaness (read by Mariessa Portelance) can see the future, or so she says. And those that believe and those that do not believe will go to any lengths to prove it. What begins as a spiritual quest to understand her ability, quickly turns into a struggle for her life, pitting Brynne against organized criminals, terrorists and even Homeland Security.

As she learns more about her visions, both their power and limits become increasingly apparent, and Brynne finds that her own future – her own survival – is anything but certain.


  • This is a table reading, so memorization and movement is not required.
  • You will be provided a printed copy of the screenplay at the time of the rehearsal if you need one.
  • There is power available for several laptops or tablets if you prefer.
  • Iced tea and lemonade will be provided.

Roles Still Available

Sandesh, man 50+
Assistant Director Grant, woman 40+
Radha, woman 30+
Stephen Bascomb, man 40+
Tessa Alvarado, woman 25-35
Billy, man 35+
Agent Juarez, man 30+
Smaller Woman Roles, woman
Smaller Man Roles, man
Narrator (for action lines, descriptions and sluglines), any age or gender

Note: ideal age ranges are listed above, though anyone will be considered.

Visit this link for more information and a character sketch of some of the characters listed above:

How to Submit Your Interest

Use the contact form on our Contact page.

You should provide the following:

  1. The subject would be: Future Certain Table Reading – Character Name*
  2. What role or roles you are interested in of those above. (It may be possible to double up and receive commensurate pay for more than one role.)
  3. A recent headshot (an image of yourself in a Web-friendly file size format).
  4. A link to an online resume or information you can paste into a message field. Or alternately, you can attach a Word document or PDF with the attach button.
  5. A link to a reel of your work.**

* This is the name of the character/role you are interested in reading.

** This one greatly helps in the decision-making process on who to hire. If you do not have some acting or related work you can reference on another website (like YouTube or Vimeo or your own site) you will likely be rejected.

If you have any difficulty with attachments, please use the form without attachments and mention that in your message. We’ll provide a direct email address to send to.