Portland Dom

An original screenplay written by Greg Kerr.

Current Status

Awaiting Development


Feature (approx. 95 to 100 minutes)


Action, Dark Comedy


Quirky Indie, Over-the-Top Action


A dark action-comedy not for the submissive.

Tagline (Portland-focused)

An Amnesiac, a Dominatrix and Rose – together they help keep Portland weird.


Suffering from partial amnesia, Danny tries to make his way through Portland to find his long lost father. But he’s not alone. His new companion, Rose, a compliant woman with a talent for submission, is at his side. Trailing them both are a gang of sadists, two enigmatic and well armed agents in black, and a serial killer. When Rose and Danny enlist the aid of the dominatrix Lia, this threesome attempts to navigate a free-for-all gauntlet of the bizarre and baffling in this over-the-top action-dark comedy. Eventually they all learn just what keeps Portland weird.


Violence, Adult situations, Adult language



A young woman who makes a living out of being submissive, but who yearns for more and to rise in the ranks of her profession. But can a submissive become a dominatrix?


A young man with a serious head injury who comes to Portland seeking his long-lost father. Little does he know, he is being followed.


Rose’s 30-something boss and frequent handler, Lia is a high-ranked dominatrix who has a soft spot for Rose and is a natural rescuer at heart. She also enjoys a bit of the weird herself.

Barrett and Combs

A pair of “agents” who follow Danny in hopes he’ll lead them to his father. They are the classic odd couple, but both very good at what they do.

Mistress Katrine

The top boss and owner of the Ace of Spades Club. Katrine has a dream – a twisted, dangerous fantasy to make the most extreme feature film imaginable. And she’ll destroy anyone who tries to get in her way.


Also known as The Head Hunter, he’s a fan of Rose’s. A BIG fan. And when Rose tries to leave the Ace of Spades, it makes him very angry.


Conceptual short film for movie Portland Dom
Conceptual short film for movie Portland Dom
Conceptual short film for movie Portland Dom
Conceptual short film for movie Portland Dom