Unremembered Special Edition DVD



Award winning film special edition DVD contains 27 additional minutes, and extra features.

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Unremembered Special Edition DVD


Unremembered (Indie Fest and Accolade award winner, feature film) is a complex thriller told in non-linear time about a man who has no past. It follows the alternate reality journey of John Outis (Tim Delaney, Indie Fest award winner, lead actor) over sixteen days as he tries to restore his fractured life history. But the more his dark past comes into focus, the more the lives of his friends, his wife, and his lover are altered.

As his past threatens to end his future, he turns to Tina Plantes (Karla Mason), a brilliant and unconventional physics professor. Drawn deeper into the bizarre events of John’s life, she discovers a disturbing and far-reaching set of truths about dreams, time, and the power of the human will.



Unremembered DVD back panel

DVD back panel. Click to see larger version.

Special Edition DVD contains:

  • Commentary by writer/director Greg Kerr and lead actress Karla Mason
  • 27 Additional Minutes and Deleted Scenes
  • Outtakes
  • Physics Explanation of Day 1
  • Digitally enhanced sound

Made in Portland, Oregon. Filmed entirely in Oregon. A modern interpretation of the Greek epic, The Odyssey.

Widescreen. Dual Layer Format. Color. Not Rated by the MPAA. 123 min. (Special Edition DVD), 96 min. (Theatrical Version)

The film contains adult language, violence, adult situations, and complex ideas.

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