Shane Latimer

Shane Latimer, member of Full Brain FilmsAssistant Director. Business and Safety Consultant.

Shane was an assistant director for the multiple award-winning independent feature Unremembered (2009) and several other productions led by Greg Kerr, who he has known for more than 30 years.

Shane’s main role at Full Brain is to balance Greg’s creativity with a healthy dose of realism, safety, and logistical considerations. Shane’s experience as a professional ecologist, environmental toxicologist, and work and play in a number of fields that include health and safety serve cast and crew well both on set and off. Wrangling, catering, resuscitation – Shane does what needs done to keep things moving smoothly.

A native of Southern Oregon, Shane has been a Portland “East-sider” since 1996. Shane has a PhD in Ecology and a Post-Doc in environmental toxicology from Tulane University, New Orleans. His bachelor’s degree in biology is from Southern Oregon University, though anthropology and art have played a large role in his education in and out of all that school.

When not making movies with Greg, Shane owns his own environmental consulting firm, Latimer Environmental LLC, specializing in wetland and riparian restoration, environmental permitting, and solid waste permitting (yes, he knows that’s the sexy one…).

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