Wendy Peyton

Wendy Peyton, Full Brain Films member
Wendy Peyton

Assistant Director. Production Manager.

Illinois native Wendy Peyton knows how to crack the whip. She’s likely to do it while cracking a few jokes, but rest assured the job will get done with finesse. Packing an enterprising attitude and tenacious attention to detail, Wendy consistently hits her mark.

Growing up in a town surrounded by fields of genetically modified corn and soybeans, Wendy dreamt of photographing exotic people doing foreign things in faraway places. Now grown, she keeps that dream alive while her perspective has evolved over the years.

Wanderlust drove her to Portland in 1993 where she found a deep-rooted music scene. Several guitar players and cameras later, Wendy had developed a keen eye for concert photography. She’s worked with a list of national performers including Beck, The Black Keys, Bo Diddley, Eels, and M. Ward.

Her dream of exotic people, foreign things, and faraway places now manifests itself in film production. A devoted photographer, cinephile and accomplished project manager, Wendy now brings her arsenal of talents to Full Brain Films as assistant director and production manager.

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